Case Study

Garden Villa



Having been a staple in the community for over 50 years, Garden Villa was is a well known nursing home and rehabilitation facility. With several new corporately owned facilities coming to town and starting to compete for market share, Garden Villa knew they needed to be proactive in their approach to keep their facility as a top choice in the community. Noticing that their competition was investing a lot of money in digital marketing and traditional advertising, Garden Villa approached TEN31 to get some help. They knew they needed a new website for starters, but were unsure of which direction to go from there.



In order to ensure that Garden Villa’s website would stand out from their competition and capture their family culture, TEN31 started out with getting professional photos taken of both locations and interviewing about a dozen employees. From there, we created new content that was focused on telling the Garden Villa story and how they are unique. Additionally, we made sure the new website was easy-to-use and had calls to action throughout the site.

In conjuction with the design of the new website, TEN31 also developed a new corporate brand kit and style guide. Once the new website launched, we began a search engine optimization campaign for both the Bedford and Bloomington locations, revamped all their print and digital ads to match the new branding, put a reputation management strategy in place, and developed a social media marketing plan.

Garden Villa continues to be a client of TEN31, and our initiatives have proven to be extremely successful for them. Garden Villa’s new website is seeing an average of 32% more visitors month over month, as well as 30% more page views each month. They are ranking in the top 1-5 spots for the major keywords that we’ve started targeting on Google, and over 60% of their visitors are now coming from organic searches.

Both locations Facebook pages have seen steady growth and outstanding engagement results. With their industry’s average engagement rate being at 2%, Garden Villa is seeing an astounding 15%-30% engagement rate each month.

TEN31 has also implemented retargeting ads which have been responsible for getting new job openings filled within 2-3 weeks.


Client Feedback

“Thank you a million times and more! I love the changes and believe this will have an enormous impact on our rebranding and becoming the best in our industry! Thank you so much for all you have done, are doing, and continue to do for Garden Villa!”

– Julie Lewis, Director of Public Relations 

“You’ve hit it out of the park! Thank you!”

– Lee Marchant, President

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