Case Study

My Sports Locker



My Sports Locker is a small retail business in Bloomington, IN. They specialize in custom apparel for all the local schools in the area. My Sports Locker reached out to TEN31 Marketing to come alongside them as their marketing department. At that time, the current owner had recently bought the business within the last year and was moving to a bigger location. With the expansion of their store came the expansion and upgrade to their digital marketing which was fairly non-existent up until that point. They wanted to carry on their reputation in the community as well as expand their customer base. Their goal is to be the go-to shop for local school custom apparel and printing.



TEN31’s first step in the process was upgrading their website. Our goals were to update the platform, revamp the branding, make the design responsive for all devices and incorporate product photography to showcase all the capabilities and designs that My Sports Locker has to offer.

Alongside the website update, TEN31 also incorporated a robust social media marketing strategy utilizing 3 different social media platforms. The strategies behind our social media marketing plans are very product driven. Their store is packed with ready-made apparel for dozens of surrounding schools so we wanted to highlight all the product categories and schools they have to offer to grow their customer base. Along with product, we also incorporate
behind-the- scenes videos of their custom printing, heat press and embroidery machines hard at work on orders being made.

After 1 full year of social media marketing, My Sports Locker saw a gain of 296 followers across their 3 platforms, reached an average of over 14,000 people on a monthly basis and saw 9% engagement rates on average for Facebook and Instagram versus their previous averages of 5%. Not only did their organic reach grow, but TEN31 also implemented a strategic PPC marketing plan that specifically ties into all promotions and sales that My Sports Locker has. The addition of PPC has doubled or tripled their reach when implemented sparking engagement online and increased foot traffic in their store.

Finally, TEN31 also implemented a consistent email marketing campaign with regular monthly email blasts to customers highlighting upcoming promotions and sales, new products or designs, seasonal product categories and employee spotlights. My Sports Locker started with zero email subscribers but combined efforts have steadily grown their list to over 1,600 emails and counting.

TEN31 Marketing implemented a monthly marketing meeting where we sit down with the owner and align on strategies for the upcoming month(s). During these meetings, we also provide My Sports Locker with a detailed recap and analysis of the digital marketing done in the last 30 days before our meeting. We brainstorm new ideas and promotions as well as take pictures of new products, categories, designs and custom orders to use for email and social media marketing in the future.


Client Feedback

“TEN31 Marketing is one of the best things our company has done to grow business and keep customers engaged. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to grow their business and still be involved in the process. Thank you TEN31 Marketing!”

– LeeAnna Powell, Owner

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