Trailhead Pizzeria

Website Design | Logo Design


Trailhead Pizzeria is a local restaurant located near Lake Monroe. The owners of Trailhead also own Scenic View Restaurant, which TEN31 had previously built a new website for. Trailhead was a second project that, similar to to Scenic View, needed a major update and rebrand. However, this second location had its own identity and market. They wanted to incorporate the restaurant’s prime location and proximity near Lake Monroe into the overall messaging and branding of the site. 

We started with a brand new logo design that would include a more nature-like design, while still incorporating their iconic compass as an important brand element. From there, we designed a beautiful and visually appealing site that would showcase their food and updated aesthetic. We added in messaging and content that would amp up the ideas of adventure and nautre, which were also key branding elements they wanted to incorporate. Lastly, we put more emphasis on their live music schedule, which is a big part of their restaurant environment and atmosphere. 



Design a new logo to set the standard for the brand 

Create a new website to match the restaurant’s brand

Make the website responsive to fit all device sizes

Add a live music schedule and calendar into the site 


Incorporate an extensive food and drink menu 

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