Do you want instant access to the one place where all of your customers are?

If you’re a business owner, your initial reaction is probably, “absolutely, yes!” 

The one place where all your customers are is on their phones. And the thing that connects their apps, accounts, and other services, is their email address. With over 3.8 billion active email accounts around the world, you could have a direct way to communicate with a portion of those users about your business and how your product/service could make their lives better. Not sold yet? Here are three more reasons why your email list is truly your secret weapon.

You own your email list

Aside from your website, your email list is the only thing that you have complete control over when it comes to advertising for your business. Social media is a great tool for your business to expand your reach and create brand awareness, but you don’t have complete control over your account or your followers; that specific social media platform does. Influencers and businesses get locked out of their account or get their account deactivated very frequently. In the digital era we live in, having complete control over an aspect of your business is more important than ever.

Email is personal

Not only can you personalize emails to include your customer’s names, recent purchases, and their segmented preferences, but email acts as a gateway into every component of your customer’s life. Your customer’s email inbox is such a sacred place because not only may they get an email from a recent subscription they signed up for, but they may get an email from their mom in the same breath. Knowing that your business is allowed access to such a personal space within your customer’s lives is a secret weapon in and of itself. 

A place to offer your lead generator and get more $$$

When crafting a strong email campaign, your lead generator must be just as strong. Your lead generator should be something that can establish your authority in your field, and most importantly, be filled with value for your customer. The combination of a well-crafted email and a strong lead generator are the two things that will make your email list work for you, increase your open rates, and make your ROI skyrocket. 

Having an email list that you regularly connect with is something that is incredibly valuable for your business. It’s a way to build a community organically while being an extremely inexpensive way to communicate, advertise, and promote your business. If you don’t have an email list, don’t be afraid to start small; everyone has to start somewhere. But if you’re looking to outsource this component of your business and truly make your email campaigns and your list work for you, contact us today and we’ll get started!