Over the last month, I’ve covered three key principles for successful branding: your brand promise, your brand personality, and the design of your brand. Today, I’m going to tie it all together with a fourth principle, brand consistency. Your business can have the greatest brand purpose, a unique personality, and a professional design, but if there’s no consistency among those things, then it’s all for nothing. Follow these three steps to help your business get started with brand consistency.

1. Compare your marketing materials

Gather all of your company’s marketing materials, or collateral, and spread them out on a table so you can view all the different pieces. These would be things like flyers, invitations, letterhead, business cards, etc. Once you’ve gathered these pieces together, compare them and ask yourself “Would a stranger be able to tell that these are all from the same company? Are we using the same colors across all our print materials? Do we have the same slogan represented? Is the sizing and placement of our logo consistent?” Your collateral should have the same look and feel across the board, and it should be easy for a stranger to look at different marketing materials and recognize that it’s from your company.

*If you answered no to the questions above, I would highly recommend getting some professional help from a graphic designer or marketing agency.

2. Evaluate your online footprint

To evaluate your online footprint, you’ll need to look at all of your online collateral: website, social media pages, email marketing templates, landing pages, etc. First off, does your online footprint line up with the collateral that we mentioned in step 1? Does your website let consumers know what your vision, mission, and values are? Do your social media pages all have the same profile image and cover photo? Do the descriptions on each page match each other? Are your employees using the same email signature? These are crucial areas that you need to look at to ensure that your company’s brand stays consistent and recognizable.

3. Survey your employees

This final step may seem like it doesn’t fit on this list, but it’s very important. Essentially, you need to make sure that your entire team of employees understand what your company stands for, its purpose, mission, identity, etc. You want your team to be aligned when it comes to communicating who your company is and what your company does. An easy way to find this out is by sending out a simple survey asking the following questions: “What is our company’s vision? How would you explain to a stranger what our company does? What are our company values?” You can certainly add more questions that make sense for your specific business, but these will give you a good start.

At the end of the day, all your employees need to be communicating the same message to your customers and potential customers, otherwise it will create confusion and hurt your efforts at creating brand consistency.

If branding is something you are unfamiliar with and you know your company could use some professional help in this area, then I encourage you to reach out to a marketing agency that you trust. If you’d like to learn more about how TEN31 can help your business with its brand, contact us today.