We know that Facebook has become more competitive over time, making it harder and harder for your business page to be seen. How is it that your personal posts can get so much more engagement than your business posts? There is no quick fix to generate higher traffic to your business page, but there are ways to make your page more successful – with time and dedication.

1. Make sure to have a budget for Facebook

With Facebook making it harder for business pages to be seen without putting some money behind posts, it’s important to have even a small budget set aside for Facebook. Boosting even one or two posts each month can generate more traffic to your page, increasing page likes and brand awareness. Don’t forget about Facebook ads, that can generate high quality leads for your business. You can even target a specific demographic that your brand might cater to. Having a budget for Facebook is an integral part of having a successful social media presence.

2. Don’t have too many page admins

Be sure to have a limited number of page administrators and editors. Having too many “cooks in the kitchen” can not only get confusing, as to who is posting when, but it can also confuse your overall brand. Every person has a slightly different tone and style when posting, so you want to make sure that you stay consistent with who is posting and that the content being posted is on brand.

PRO TIP: Make sure you have a consistent schedule of how often you post and be sure your content is not too repetitive or “sales-y”.

3. Complete your business & services section

Oftentimes people want information now, right at their fingertips. Try to anticipate questions people may ask, and even have an F.A.Q. section on your page. Having all of your business information fully up-to-date shows people that you are a business that cares. Leaving questions unanswered could make you lose out on potential warm leads. Overall, we know that Facebook can be difficult to navigate successfully, however it’s important to not get discouraged. Continue posting consistently for the audience you have, and engaging with those that do respond to your posts. An online presence shows that you are a relevant business and that you care about your current customer base. Remember – slow and steady wins the race, so keep it up and don’t become disheartened if you don’t see immediate growth! If you need help with managing your Facebook business page, then we’d love to sit down and have a conversation. Drop us a line today or send us an email directly at info@ten31marketing.com.