In this age of social media, it’s sometimes hard to rise above the noise of all of the other content that is being posted on Instagram daily. How can you be thumb-stopping in a time where everyone is trying so hard to be heard? Even though there is no fool-proof way to get more followers on Instagram, there are several methods that you can use that will help grow your following:

1. Engage with your followers

The number one way to get more traffic as well as show people that you care about what you do, is to simply comment, like and share posts that are relevant to you and your brand.  It’s also important that you make sure you are responding in a timely manner, so that your audience knows that you are truly listening to them and not just trying to sell them something.

2. Know your buyer persona

A buyer persona is a “semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” If you are simply creating content without any thought of who your audience is and what they want to see, then you need to reevaluate your buyer persona. Knowing your buyer persona is pivotal to a successful social media presence.

3. Post consistently

Be sure that you have a consistent social media presence, whether it be engaging with your followers, posting content to your feed or creating stories. However, remember, when it comes to posting content to your feed, it’s about quality, not quantity. Make sure you are creating a good variety of posts, like asking engaging questions, posting high quality photos or videos, educational content or behind the scenes posts.  Most importantly, it’s not all about the number of followers you have. You could have thousands, but those followers are useless if they are not leading to real tangible leads for your business. It’s important to cultivate an audience of valuable and relevant people that could turn into warm leads. Try not to be too discouraged if you don’t have the number of followers you think you should, but rather pay attention and engage with your current following to create loyal customers. If you need help with your Instagram strategy for your business, then we’d love to sit down and have a conversation. Drop us a line today or send us an email directly at