Email touches on many facets of people’s lives. They use it for school, work, bills, or even retail. In addition, HubSpot reports the email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. Emails come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s important you’re choosing the right approach for each email in order to achieve your goals. Here are four different ways your business can use email to your advantage.  

Keep people informed

Your audience wants to know what goes on at your business, especially when many of them are stuck at home for prolonged periods of time. Whether you’re wanting to announce a new product, updates on COVID-19 procedures, or give your audience an inside look into your business, email is the perfect tool to let them know what’s going on.  

Gather information

Email is the perfect platform for gathering information from your audience. You can send surveys to get feedback on existing products and services, or you can ask questions and get suggestions for future products or events. It’s easy and straightforward to implement surveys into your email marketing strategy and a great way to get feedback.  

Send out promotions and deals

Since sales and promos usually only last for a short period, it’s imperative you let your audience know about them. Since over half of the internet’s users check their email before doing anything else online, you can let them know about deals and promos so they can respond promptly.  

Drive reviews

When people view your business online, one of the biggest factors that stick out is customer reviews. Whether they’re on Google or Yelp, your reviews can be one of the biggest factors on whether or not a potential customer chooses you. You can easily use email campaigns to target past customers and point them to leave a review on your site of preference.  

Many small businesses overlook email marketing because they don’t want to seem annoying or intrusive, but the reality is if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, you’re doing a business a disservice. Make sure you consider all the different ways you can utilize one of the most cost-effective marketing methods to help your business grow.