In the age of social media, having diverse and engaging content is the most important part of your social media strategy, but creating that content can be the most challenging part. Not everyone has the time to sit down and brainstorm different content ideas, so how can you come up with quality content that attracts users’ attention? Here are a few different ideas:  

User-Generated Content

One of the easiest ways to generate content for your business is to have other people do it for you in the form of user-generated content, or UGC. If your fans or customers use your products in their own social media content, reach out and ask to repost it (with credit) on your accounts. UGC is usually a win-win situation because you get content that you didn’t have to spend time creating, and you’re simultaneously building a relationship with whoever did create it.  

Previews and Teasers

Give your social media followers the feeling that they’re company insiders by sharing a sneak peek at what you have coming up. This could be details of an upcoming event, or cryptic shots of soon-to-be-released products. Be careful when posting this kind of content though! You don’t want to give away anything or to create a competitive disadvantage, but if you execute this kind of content well, you can build anticipation among your audience.  

Behind the Scenes

Your followers are interested in what you do, so share a little bit of information about that with them. Use your social media pages to post videos that show your office or workplace events. Or, you can give your audience a peek into the creative process behind your work, whether that’s product creation, or just shots of you and your staff working collaboratively. 

Contests and Giveaways

By hosting a contest or giveaway on your social media channels, you’re almost guaranteed to get exposure and even new followers. Boost engagement by making a post comment or share a condition for entry, and you’ll definitely see a jump in your audience’s size and engagement. These kinds of posts are also a great way to promote new products and give people a chance to get their hands on them with very little risk. 

While there are endless opportunities when it comes to social content, the ideas above require little time compared to brainstorming and creating original content because they’re extensions of things you’re probably already doing. So, take a look around your business and consider which of these could work for you and implement them into your social strategy.