As our personal and professional lives ebb and flow, our moments of creative genius can do just the same. Creating a large amount of content for any social media platform can be a challenging process as is, but if you’re lacking the creative brainpower that normally comes naturally, here are a few ideas that could spice up your feed from here on out!

Take advantage of trending topics and niche holidays.

Creating content based on trending topics and niche holidays can be a fun and more informal way of communicating with your audience. This type of content can have an incredible response, but ensuring it still sticks to your overall marketing and business goals is key. Don’t join in the conversation just for the sake of joining it. Join the conversation because it makes sense for your unique business!

Include User-Generated Content.

UGC is a win-win situation for both you and your customer. You didn’t have to spend time or creative brainpower to create the content, while simultaneously building a relationship with the person who created it. If you do share other people’s content, make sure you properly credit them and thank them for sharing their personal experience with your brand or service.

Include video.

Like you’ve probably heard before, video is king. Therefore, if you haven’t included a form of video on your feed yet, you absolutely should. Between live videos, stories, Reels, and TikToks, video has continued to shift its form into whatever viewers want at that moment. The commonality that all of these video forms share, is the instant and what feels like a real connection with whoever views it. This kind of content is more clickable, shareable, and saveable than ever before, making it a huge tool that business owners should be taking advantage of.

Check out the competition.

If you’re running out of content ideas, it’s okay to look at other businesses for ideas and inspiration. Not only could you learn from what your competitors are and aren’t doing, but it’s also good to keep up with the industry your business is in. If you’re going to check out your competition, just make sure that you’re not comparing your feed to someone else's (your brand’s journey is completely different than your competitor's), and that you’re only getting inspiration, not plagiarizing someone else’s content.

At the end of the day, the combination of brainstorming often and trying out new content ideas is what will keep your feed as fresh as possible. Social media isn’t a science because each business and audience you serve is different. Trial and error can be the best form of seeing what your followers, and the community you’ve created, react best to and what you should fix in the future.