If you haven’t made a mistake within a beautifully crafted email campaign are you even a marketer? I know we’re all professionals here, but we’re also human. Silly mistakes, grammatical errors, and broken links happen more often than not, but we must ensure that we keep these mistakes from leaking through to the final email. Here are six of the key checkpoints that we triple-check before we hit the magic “send” button, so we avoid total email marketing embarrassment!

Spelling/Grammatical Errors

Triple checking for spelling/grammatical errors matter more than you think. Having these mistakes show up within an email campaign implicates that your time is more valuable than the content that you’re creating. That is definitely not the feeling you want to give off to one of your clients.

Broken/Forgotten Links

If you are incorporating any call to action within your email, the links for those are one of the most important parts of the email itself. Therefore, double-check the links or buttons to make sure they are 1.) there to begin with and 2.) in the correct spot. Linking to the correct page can save you some massive headaches in the future.

Formatting Across Devices

When you’re designing your email campaign, it may look phenomenal on your web browser, but if it doesn’t convert to being compatible on mobile devices, you’ve got a serious problem. If things are looking wonky on any device, it’s best to reformat your design altogether, rather than to just hope no one views it on their mobile device (which is not a strategy).

A Quality Subject Line

Your subject line is one of the most significant aspects of your email. It’s the first impression you’re giving to your audience and it often determines if your email will get opened or deleted without being read. Your subject line needs to be actionable, concise, and personalized, if possible. A combination of these things usually makes a quality subject line, but make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors here, as well!

Functional Merge Tags

A common merge tag used is [firstname]. Merge tags are a useful tool for marketers, but if you have one that doesn’t work in an email it makes you look careless and unprofessional to both your client and the entire email list. Before you hit send on that email, make sure your list of names for that tag is clean and has all the information you need for that specific tag.

Send ALL The Test Emails

The biggest thing to ever bless email marketing is the ability to send yourself and others test emails before you officially hit send. This capability is a must to use with every single email campaign you create. Sending out a test email allows you to check all potential issues you may run across when creating an email campaign. Send it to yourself, your client, your grammar wiz friend, your boss, even your mom, just to have a few pairs of eyes on your work before you send it out to your entire list.

These are a few of the checkpoints that we follow to ensure that all of our email campaigns are as professional and spotless, of human mistakes, as possible. Some of these mistakes may seem small in the big scheme of things, but small errors like these could potentially end up costing you a client at one point. To avoid the worst-case scenario, try out these tips and make your next email campaign flawless!