We Simplify Your Marketing To Help Grow Your Business.
We’ll help you off the endless hamster wheel of wasted marketing dollars and create a custom marketing plan for your business that works. Our unique marketing process will help you attract more prospects, engage more customers, and convert more leads.

Certified experts in our field, including:

Our Vision

A world where our clients’ customers can’t envision their lives without them [the client], and our clients can’t envision their businesses without us [TEN31 Marketing].

Our Mission

To provide an unmatchable marketing experience that attracts [prospects], engages [leads and customers], converts [leads], and retains [customers] through creative, custom, data-driven marketing strategies.

Our Core Values
Everything we do in our business and lives is fueled by these.


We will educate our clients on exactly what we’re doing (or suggesting) and why. You’ll never feel left in the dark when working with us. Furthermore, our team educates ourselves regularly on the latest marketing trends and strategies.


Good isn’t good enough. We strive to provide excellence in everything we do. We will never produce any work that we feel is just “good enough,” but always make sure that it’s the absolute best it can possibly be.


We guarantee that we will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity in all of our actions and communications, both personally and professionally – inside and outside of the office.


We’re allergic to excuses. We know that we alone are accountable for our actions and the outcomes they bring, both as a company and as individuals. We own everything that takes place in our work and our lives.


We communicate clearly, professionally, and positively with all of our clients, colleagues, and stakeholders – both privately and publicly. We always make sure that both sides are in full understanding of what’s being communicated.


We are able to work efficiently and effectively because of the great processes that we have in place. When a problem arises, we always look to the process for a solution and follow the process to a T until a new one is implemented.


We know that to truly perform at our best during work, then we must be well rested, energized, and in good spirits. We take a balanced approach to work by realizing that our family, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual lives are just as important as our work lives.


Digital marketing can seem overly complicated for many business owners, but we don’t think it should be that way. We cut through the fluff and make marketing simple. Using the simple age-old method of testing and measuring, we bring simplicity to every campaign we work on.


Because thirty percent of our lives are spent at work, we want to make it as enjoyable of an atmosphere and experience as possible. We understand that we’re not saving lives with what we do at work. At the end of the day, marketing should be fun.

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We make marketing simple, so you can have peace of mind.
Allow us to simplify all things marketing...
Get a marketing plan tailored to your needs.
Understand exactly what you’re paying for.
Have full visibility into the marketing process.
Enjoy marketing that actually works.
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Our Team
Here’s the team you’ll be working with.
Nate Ebel

Nate Ebel

Owner | Creative Director

Kelsie Ebel

Kelsie Ebel

Marketing Manager

Robin Setty

Robin Setty

Account Manager

Varun Sood

Varun Sood

Developer | Digital Specialist

Cassie Parker

Cassie Parker

Content Marketing Specialist

Collin Ebel

Collin Ebel


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