In today’s world of advertising, we often find the most popular advertising strategy to be one that uses humor. Other than funny ads, most people think that in order to create a good ad it must be well written or visually dramatic. While these things are important, the truth is, the most successful ads produce results because of the strategy behind them. While there are other aspects that contribute to the effectiveness of an ad, the strategy is by far the most important piece.

Most of the time, ads today are saying nothing particular to no one in particular. If you’ve ever put together an ad that says, “Hello, I’m Jack from ABC Company, and my phone number is …” then you shouldn’t be surprised if the ad hasn’t been successful. Other than pay the bills for a newspaper or magazine, this type of ad typically doesn’t accomplish anything. Consumers won’t read your ad unless it promises to give them something.

This is where strategy comes in.

In essence, a strategy is a plan. It the business world, this would be something you want people to purchase and how you’re going to get them to purchase it. The steps to get you started are below:

1. Think about what you’re trying to achieve with the ad (Be as specific as possible)

Ex: A local flower shop wants women, aged 30-50, to come in during the week (Mon-Fri.) to buy flowers.

2. Create a unique offer

Ex: For every $25 you spend on flowers, you get a $5 credit. (You can also mention a larger choice of flowers, cheaper prices, higher quality, and better customer service)

Once someone new comes in to claim this offer, it’s much more likely that they will come back the next time they need flowers or when you’re having another special. The flower shop may not see a massive increase in sales and customers from this first ad, but it will see some, as opposed to none. And as time goes on, and the ads continue, this strategy will pay off with repeat business and referrals.

So, what’s your strategy? Who do you want to do what, and how are you going to get them to do it now? If you’d like to sit down with us and have our team evaluate your current advertising strategy, or to help you develop a new advertising strategy, contact us today. We’d love to help!