To start with the basics, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the techniques and strategies that allow your website to rank higher in search engines. When your website ranks higher within search engines, you appear before other websites showing up in those searches, and that gives your business a greater opportunity to be seen by potential customers.

How does it work?

SEO works by searching through your website’s code and analyzing your on and off-page factors. SEO spiders (not the creepy kind) crawl through your website and analyze things like site speed, tags, links, content, keywords used, and site safety, and then compare them to other sites similar to yours. Depending on how your website compares to others determines where your site will rank on the search engine itself. 

Why is it important?

SEO is important to businesses and consumers. SEO allows searchers, and potentially, customers to find the answer to their problems more quickly, while simultaneously allowing you, the business, to be seen before the competition and uniquely position yourself to solve their problems. SEO acts as a guide through the endless amount of content on the internet, so you and your customer can connect easier.

How can you improve your SEO?

There are many ways to improve your website’s SEO. Search engines look for updated, relevant content, keywords throughout that content, inbound links, and tags on titles and images. Improving your site’s actual design, layout, and load times can also help improve your SEO because you’re improving the quality of your visitor’s experience on your website.

Why does your business need SEO?

If your website is not optimized for your visitors, you’re doing them a disservice. If your website is not optimized for search engines, you’re doing your business and your searchers a disservice. Optimizing your website for both your visitors and search engines ensures that searchers can find the service that you provide, while simultaneously gaining leads by being ranked on search engines.

SEO is a long-term strategy but is such an incredible tool that every business should take advantage of. Are you ready to optimize your website for your business and your customers? Contact us today and we’ll get started on making your website work for you!