As social media continues to shift and new platforms come into play as fast as they die, are blogs one and the same? 

Blogging first started in the late ’90s and has built popularity over the last two decades. With the changing times, blogs aren’t dying, they are evolving. 

Blogs are a long-term lead generation

When you create a blog, you are creating a source for internet users to find valuable information. The great thing about blogs is that once you’ve created them, they are self-sustaining, unlike a paid ad campaign. Investing money into an ad campaign is great for specific situations, but as soon as you cut the budget, you cut the opportunity for more leads. Blogging creates the perfect opportunity to create leads, without a huge budget.

Blogs create brand awareness

As you continue to increase the level of value within each blog, you will gain more trust from your audience. Therefore, you have the opportunity to become a thought leader within your industry and your niche. If you continue to build that trust, you will have customers coming to your blog to help them solve their problems. With this kind of trust, launching a new product or product line is much easier because you’ve built a genuine place of community around your brand and the products you provide. 

Blogs increase your website’s SEO

Creating consistent content for your blog is also a sure way to increase your website’s search engine optimization and allows your website to rank higher in the search ranking. By creating value, answering frequently asked questions, and educating your ideal customers on what your product or service has to offer is an effective way to turn them into paying customers, while also increasing your site’s SEO.

Blogs are content creation generators

When you’re creating content for your brand’s social media channels, it can be difficult to come up with new, fresh content so frequently. Although through your blogs, you can create social media content. There is often tons of value-filled content within your blog, so dissecting those blogs into bite-sized pieces allows you to create a handful of social media content for your brand!

With each passing day, millions of pieces of new content are produced in hopes of capturing audiences’ attention, including blog posts. These blog posts may look widely different than they did 20 years ago, but for the right consumer, blogging is a sure way to capture their attention and have a positive return on your investment for your business.