It’s easy to fall into a rut with your social media scheduling and content, and email marketing is no different. Here are a few tips for creating a successful email marketing strategy for the new year.

1. Create Tailored Emails For A Smaller Audience

We know it’s often easier and more efficient to just send one large email to a long list of recipients, but you will find it far more beneficial to segment your long email list into smaller more targeted lists. Try creating lists based on age, gender location, etc. We think you will find that if you create more targeted email lists, you will see more opens and clicks, and less unsubscribes.

Pro Tip: Make sure that each email is tailored to each specific subset. For instance, millennials appreciate more succinct emails with an eye-catching infographic or image.

2. Customize Your Emails

For each email that you send you will always get stats to go with it, showing the email’s opens, clicks and what specifically was clicked on. It’s important to not ignore those stats but to analyze and use them to show you what content works best for your emails. This way, you can ditch the unnecessary information and focus on what is working successfully for you. Don’t underestimate the value of statistics and the important role they play in customizing your emails!

3. Get And Keep Your Reader’s Attention

Not everyone has time for or even enjoys receiving a long-winded email. The best way to get your readers to open your emails is to make sure that you have a catchy yet concise subject line. Keep it short, descriptive and even consider adding a sense of urgency. The number one way to keep your reader’s attention is by mixing both images and graphics with your text. You should also keep in mind that the shorter the text, the more likely it is that your readers will make it to the end of your email. Keeping things short, sweet and clear can up your email’s readability quotient.

Pro Tip: You should also make sure that you are not inundating your subscribers with emails. That’s another sure way to lose their attention and gain unsubscribes.

4. Ensure That They’re Mobile-Friendly

Think about when you are checking your email. Generally, we peruse our inbox either before work, after work or in bed, and most of the time it’s on our phones. It’s imperative to test your emails before you send them out and view them both on your computer as well as your phone. The majority of your readers will be viewing your emails on their phones and if it’s incoherent and doesn’t translate from the computer to their mobile device, then odds are they are going to opt-out of receiving your emails.

Pro Tip: Another important reason to test your emails before you send them, is to make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Nothing blows your credibility like looking unprofessional through your writing. 

Going into the new year, make sure that you are taking into consideration all aspects of your social media marketing, and considering them in a new light. Making sure that your content stays new and fresh is the key to a successful marketing strategy.