Let’s talk about designing a logo for your company – sure, it would be great if every company could afford quality, professional logo and brand design, but that’s just not in the budget for everyone, especially smaller start-ups. But, there are ways to create a quality logo for your company, that won’t break the bank and that can represent your company well. 

1. Start with your story

Consider your company’s story and values. Both of these can set the tone for the type of logo you will create for your business. If you’re a more serious business, like a doctor’s office, then you probably want to stay along the lines of a cleaner and simpler logo. If you’re a daycare, then you would want your logo to be more playful and colorful.

2. Create design options

Once you’ve nailed down your company’s key values, you can start playing around with different logo options. You want to create a few, so that you can narrow down what you like best about each option and vice versa. Don’t design yourself into a corner, give yourself options!

Pro Tip: When choosing logo fonts, ideally there should only be two contrasting fonts, with a third option that you can use in all of your future branded content. You also want to make sure to choose fonts that complement each other, like a serif and a sans serif. 

3. Test your design options

Run your logos by various audiences, to get a feel for what is appealing to others and what isn’t. You also want to make sure you look at your design options from the perspective of your buyer persona – a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. These are the people that you will want to be your customers, so make sure you are appealing specifically to them.

Pro Tip: Be receptive to constructive criticism, it’s what will help make your logo great and will help you create your company’s brand.

4. Complete your final logo design

Once you’ve given each of your logo options a thorough dressing-down, combine, refine and complete your final logo with your favorite parts of each option. This is the stage where you can also bring in colors. The key to choosing the right colors is to keep in mind your company’s story and values, while also making sure that your logo will look good on as many backgrounds as possible. It also never hurts to run your “final” logo by your audience again, for final review and critique.

Pro Tip: Have a high-res design file of your logo on file. Your logo is meant to be used on all of your company products, from business cards to apparel and more. You need a scaleable version of your logo on file, easily accessible. Every part of your logo should be legible, regardless of the logo’s size.

Bottom line, your logo needs to match your business. It will be the focal point of what represents your company through the years, so make sure it’s not only appropriate for your company, but something you like and can get behind.