At Ten31 Marketing, we assist other businesses with all of their marketing needs. A part of our services includes auditing, building, designing, and managing our client’s websites. Therefore, we’ve come across a lot of websites that are outdated, not optimized, and aren’t working for our clients. If you’re wondering if this could be your website, here are the top 4 things that are a good indicator that your website probably needs a facelift.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

With over 5 billion people with a mobile device in their pocket and 61% of U.S. website visitors coming from those devices, it’s no longer acceptable for your website to only be desktop friendly. Your website should be able to adjust to fit the size of any screen on any device, while still being able to access all of the correct buttons and tabs. Additionally, Google will actually penalize your website if it’s not mobile-friendly, making this an incredibly important factor for your site.

Your website has too much text.

Website visitors don’t read, they scan. In the age of content overload, humans are constantly consuming content, making the content that they do read, more of a scan. Your visitors will scan your website in a “Z” pattern, and if they can’t find the information they are looking for within that “Z’ range, they’ll bounce. Therefore, having huge chunks of text on your site, will 1.) Never get read, 2.) Is not helping you sell your products or acquire leads, and 3.) Is not helping solve your visitor's problem. As the saying goes, less is more, and this could not be more true for the content on your website. 

Your website is difficult to navigate.

In six seconds or less, a new visitor to your website should be able to understand what your company does and the benefits your product or service provides. Therefore, having a clear call to action (or CTA) is probably one of the most important aspects of your website. If the visitor doesn’t know how to act on your product or service, then they’ll leave to try and find their solution elsewhere. 

Your website doesn’t have a Content Management System.

As your business changes and grows, so does your website. That’s why having a Content Management System (or CMS) that allows you to easily make edits on your website without having to change any code, is also an important aspect of having an optimized website. Also, a CMS will save your business time and money, because instead of having to pay a web developer every time you want a minor change done to your site, you can manually go in and make the adjustment yourself.

A combination of these 4 things acts as a great indicator that your website needs updated, or perhaps completely rebuilt. Your website should work for you, not against you. Therefore, if any of these stood out to you, feel free to give us a call at (812) 518-2410 and let the experts assist you in making your website work for you again!