If there’s one thing that business owners are wary of dipping their marketing budget into, it’s paid social ads. Many small businesses and practices don’t recognize the opportunities and benefits offered by paid social media, but the truth is that organic reach alone isn’t going to make a meaningful impact on your business. With the average paid reach on Facebook being 28.1%, as opposed to 5.17% for organic posts, paid posts offer more opportunities to convert. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your paid social media. 

Incorporate images and videos into your ad strategy

HubSpot states that if your ads contain images, they’ll be 75%-90% more effective. In addition, only 0.6% of marketers use Facebook video ads. While the amount of video ads out there are much lower, 88% of video marketers got a positive ROI from video ads.  

Optimize your social ads for mobile devices

Facebook reports that 94% of its ad revenue comes from mobile devices. This is largely due to the majority of social media platforms are accessed on mobile devices. So, if you want your social ads to perform well, be sure that the content is optimized for mobile devices.  

27% of internet users find new products and brands through paid social ads

 That percentage even goes up for 16-24-year olds. 31% of them say they find new products and brands through paid social ads. This, combined with the increased reach from paid ads, creates opportunities to bring new customers to your business.  

Paid social ads are becoming more effective

 In 2019, the average CPM went down 3%, and ad impressions are up 20%. This proves that the effectiveness of social ads is growing, and it’s going to keep growing.  

There’s no doubt that paid social is more effective than organic social media. If you effectively target and optimize your social ads, you’ll see an increase in ROI and engagements. With over 40% of the world’s population on social media, it’s critical your business devise an effective social media strategy to reach your audience.