New year, new you?

For most of us, we may just be trying to eat healthier or perhaps get a fresh haircut, but these corporate giants are coming into the new year with many changes. Companies like General Motors, Kia, and even the CIA are switching their logos and even doing a complete brand redesign. 

But the real question here is why? Why are these decades old companies shifting their look and going for a modern look so suddenly?

First, think back a few years ago. Companies like Instagram, Google, and Nike were the ones who started this trend of shifting their logos to what we now call “flat designs.” For example, Instagram shifted from their iconic brown, vintage camera, to the now colorful, single-dimensional camera. Google did something similar as the raised colorful logo, transitioned to a more versatile, flat logo. While Nike kept the famous swoosh within their logo but took out all the other layers. These examples just show that the flat design has been around for a while now, and companies continuing this trend is no surprise. 

The big “why” behind this massive transition for these tech and corporate giants, is truly very simple. 

Flat designs look better on a screen

 The major reason being is that the flat design elements simply look better on a screen. As our world becomes more and more digital, companies need to ensure that all aspects of their businesses are optimized, including their logo. 

This is what consumers want

Along with the flat designs simply looking better on our digital platforms, these designs are what consumers want. There is already an overwhelming amount of information online, so adding complicated text and logos typically just burdens your viewers. Consumers crave easy, bite-sized pieces of information while receiving it in the most minimal of aesthetics. Therefore, chunky logos aren’t something you can get by with anymore. 

Easy execution

Flat designs are also much easier to execute. Generally, flat designs have fewer elements, making them easier to create, and allowing your graphics team to focus on the details of the design, instead of increasing the aspects of the designs. This can increase time, money, and overall productivity for your entire team. 

This transition to more flat looking designs for companies across the globe is something that will definitely be documented for future generations to learn about. As history has told us, trends do not stay forever though. Our tip for your logo to stand the test of trends is to have a core element or symbol to base your design on, allowing you flexibility as the trends shift in the future!