Is creating social media for your business getting stressful and overwhelming? As a business owner, your time is valuable, and creating perfectly curated content every single day gets exhausting. As a social media manager, one of the biggest lifesavers for managing multiple social media pages and channels is to batch content ahead of time. Here’s how so many social media managers are actually able to manage it all!

First of all, what is content batching? Content batching is when you create multiple social media posts during a set time period. Therefore, instead of taking 20-30 minutes each day to create one post, you would set aside an hour or two to create content for the entire week. This process not only takes less time, but you’re also able to focus all of your creative energy on creating content, instead of jumping from task to task. Here’s how to do it:

1. Identify your content pillars.

Before you start creating anything, you first must be able to identify your content pillars and how you will incorporate them into your content strategy. Your content pillars are the 3-5 categories that you will stick to discussing on your channels, and most importantly, that align with your business goals. This allows a consistent message to be portrayed and your community to know exactly what to expect from your content.

2. Brainstorm new content ideas.

Now, this is the fun part. After taking into consideration any holidays, niche holidays, sales, or campaign dates, really let your creative juices flow. From graphics, to copy, to getting creative with new tools and features, this is the time to hold nothing back. Keeping your content pillars in mind will help you stay grounded during this phase, along with writing down all of your ideas and notes for creation.

3. Create graphics.

I personally prefer to create my graphics, record videos, and take photos before I write the copy for my posts. Visually being able to see my brainstorms come to life allows me to write better captions, but you can do these two steps in whatever way works best for you. After brainstorming, use this time to create unique graphics, record any video (professional video shoots, Reels, TikToks, IGTVs, Instagram Stories), schedule photo shoots, take quality photos yourself, or use stock photos if you’re in a pinch! Some of the tools we use to create these things are:

  • Canva: For any type of graphic creation or design.
  • Unsplash: Free stock photos.
  • Wistia: A platform to host all of our video content.

4. Write the copy for your posts.

Perhaps the most important part of batching your content is creating quality and “click to read more” captions for your posts. When writing your captions, here are a few tips to use along the way.

  • Keep your graphic that goes with your post in mind. Having a mismatched copy with your graphic will confuse your viewers and cause your post to flop.
  • Use your first line to hook your viewers. By stating something interesting, asking a question, or using a quote are all ways to compel your viewers to read more.
  • Utilize white space. Creating white space in your captions allows for a better reading experience while making it much easier to skim (a.k.a more likely to read).
  • Pay attention to emojis and punctuation. Depending on your brand’s personality and tone of voice, the use of emojis and different punctuation marks can be an added flare to your captions.
  • Create a Call To Action (CTA). If you want your viewers to do something, you need to tell them to do it! Click the link in your bio, comment below, or save this post for later are all great, clear ways to tell your audience how you want them to respond.

5. Schedule out those posts.

There is a multitude of different content schedulers out there, so choose whatever one you like the most and get to scheduling! Scheduling your content in advance is the key ingredient to keeping your content organized and in a centralized location.

Batching your social media content is a lifesaver for social media managers, content creators, and business owners alike. This is a key part of how we create, manage, and analyze the content we create each and every day, here at TEN31. If this is still something you’re looking to hand off to someone else, click here, and let’s chat about how we can assist you in managing your social media.