It’s official. Many of us non-essential workers have been officially working remotely for over a year now. 

This mile marker is one none of us saw coming. Although, when it comes to working from home, do we really want it to end? According to the Pew Research Center, they surveyed over 10,000 U.S. adults and found that 54% of workers want to continue working from home after the pandemic ends, if they have a choice. Do you agree with that 54%? If so, here are some of our tips to help you continue working from home like a pro!

Create a specific workspace for yourself

Designating a specific space within your home for work only is a great way to physically compartmentalize working from home from living at home. Make sure to try and only use this space during work hours to get the effect of being in one space to work and another to live. 

Build structure into your day

Creating non-negotiables throughout the day can help structure your days and keep yourself organized. For instance, having a structured morning work routine, a specific lunchtime, and then a closing workday routine could assist you with some much-needed structure in the unstructured environment of working from home. This structure also allows you to build your workday around these non-negotiables.

Create habits/rituals

Along with incorporating those non-negotiable throughout your day, incorporating specific habits and rituals into your daily work routine creates a structure for your day. For example, if you used to make a cup of coffee every morning at work, make sure to make that cup of coffee at home and bring it into your home office, as well. These little things make the times we are living in a little more “normal.” 

Take more breaks

According to a survey done by HubSpot, they found that “45% of remote workers take less than an hour lunch break, and 25% work through lunch.” Working in an office full of people usually initiates organic stopping points throughout the day. But, with working from home, these breaks are easily worked through and can actually worsen your overall productivity level. Taking more breaks, creating more natural stopping points, and knowing when you are most productive throughout your workday can allow you to be more productive and your best self while working remotely!

None of us know when the pandemic will officially end or when the corporate world will get back to the traditional nine to five workday (if ever), but we hope these tips help you achieve maximum greatness, wherever your office may be!