We know that so many social media platforms seem to offer the same things under the guise of different names and slightly different formats. But there is one thing that Facebook has that most platforms do not – the ability to create and share events.

Creating a Facebook event for anything that is going on in your business that you want others to know about, is the best way to get the word out. However, it’s not as simple as just creating the event and inputting the information. You should be taking the time to create a graphic and carefully curate the information that is included in your Facebook event – presentation matters.

For your Facebook event photo, the optimal size to use for your graphic is 1200×628 pixels. For your graphic, you will want to make sure that it is simple and clean, with a minimal amount of characters in it. Keep in mind, that if you want to boost your Facebook event, you may end up paying more if there are too many words in your graphic. Keep it simple with just the title of your event and the date. Save the rest of the information for the bulk of the event content.

Pro Tip: Make sure your graphic also includes your logo, so that people will easily see who is putting on the event as soon as they look at it.

1. Keep your event name short

All of your information about your event does not need to fit into the 64 characters allotted for the name. Instead, just make sure that the name simply states what your event is – no frills necessary. Not only that, but you could lose audience interest if they can’t even read your entire event name without clicking on the actual event. There’s nothing wrong with being short and to the point.

See how this particular event name is too short? Don’t let your event name be so lengthy you can’t read it all at first glance.

2. Input your event information

The bulk of your Facebook event should include things like: its location, time and event description. This is where you will be able to be as thorough as you need to be, but keep in mind that people don’t want to read a novel. So try to be as concise as possible while also being informative.

Pro Tip: Make sure to turn on the post permissions so that people can ask questions within the event, if necessary.

3. Make your event searchable

You’ve gone through the motions of diligently inputting all of your event information, but you’re not done yet. You need to make sure that others will be able to easily find your event, if they are searching for it or anything like it. Include keywords, in the “keywords” section, from a list of previously curated keywords. Simply input words that are associated with your event, to ensure that it can be easily found.

Pro Tip: Make sure your event is public before you finally click the “create” button. A private event cannot be changed to a public event, once published.

Once you have officially created your event, start sharing and promoting it on all platforms. Also be sure to update the event with any new or exciting information, and keep an eye out for any questions that people may post in your event. Creating a Facebook event for important business occasions is so easy and free, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of such a great tool?