When you are faced with any sort of problem or difficulty, and you are unsure of how to solve it, what is the first thing you do?

If your answer is “Google it,” join the club. According to HubSpot, “89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers do the same.” This makes your website’s visibility and Google ranking more important than ever before.

Website Setup.

The first thing your website must have to improve your ranking is to have a strong technical setup on the backend of your website. A search engine must be able to find your site, be able to understand the content, identify your keywords, and also add your content to the index of the search engine. All of these factors determine if your website will be put into a “queue” to potentially display your website within a relevant search. If the technical setup factor of your website isn’t optimized, the search engine won’t be able to crawl your site and could determine it inaccessible to searchers, as well.

Content Creation.

Creating content for your website is a key component of creating a strong SEO strategy. When someone “Googles it,” they are searching for some type of content to solve their problem. The more content you publish on your site, whether it is a blog post, photos, or perhaps video content, the greater chance you have for better visibility. Along with creating content regularly, your content on your website also allows a search engine to rank a page’s relevance based on what the searcher is searching for, too.


Links, also referred to as backlinks, help strengthen your site’s SEO strategy because it references your content from other websites. This means that if another site mentions your content, you gain a backlink to your site. This process of acquiring new backlinks can be more difficult than the other two components but is worth the effort to ensure your website has the best chance of being searched.

Increasing your website’s visibility and ranking is no small feat. Although, with your focus now on these three components, you can drive your site to a higher ranking with relevance, authority, and popularity. Your website setup and the content you create for it are responsible for gaining your site relevance and authority, while the links are responsible for the popularity of your site. The combination of these three components allows you to create the strong SEO strategy your business needs!