Instagram stories are a great tool to always stay at the forefront of Instagram on your followers’ feeds. But, it can be so much more than just a tool for posting more pictures and content. It can be something that allows you to engage more with your followers as well as show that you are interested in more than just selling them a product.

Below are five tips on how to better engage your followers through Instagram stories:

1. Ask questions

Pose questions to your followers that allow them to feel like their opinion is valued and needed. Ask what they think of new products, or what they want to see next or if there are any burning questions that they’ve been wanting to ask. Even if you don’t get many (or any) answers, you’re still showing that you are about more than just selling a product or service.

2. Answer questions

Allowing your followers to ask questions can show that you not only have great customer service, but that you want to keep your customers well-informed. Staying engaged in this way can help to create loyal customers and followers, because they know that you will be there for them if they have questions or concerns. It shows you care for your customers.

3. Take a poll

Allow your followers to weigh in on new products or services, or even with opinions that don’t have anything to do with your business! Polls can show that you want to get to know your followers a little bit more, just because you care about them.

4. Create a quiz

By testing your followers knowledge of your business, you are also teaching them a little something about yourself, while allowing them to engage with you.

5. Tag and share other accounts

When you share content, you are engaging with your followers and showing that you care about their content that they have shared with you. Sharing UGC (user-generated content) can create a great community in which your followers will start engaging more with you, which in turn shows their own followers what a great business you are.

Of course, all of these tools should be used sparingly and spaced out, so as not to overwhelm your followers with nagging questions. But it is important to include some of these engagement tools every once in awhile, to let your followers know that you are about more than just trying to sell them something!