A question we get asked quite frequently is, “How do I get more people to visit my website?” This question will continue to stand the test of time and will frustrate many business owners and perhaps even veteran marketers from time to time. But the key to this question is to go back to the basics.

You need to first understand that your goal is to ultimately drive complete strangers to your website and it is 100% possible. Knowing these two things is the first step, as it can be the most overwhelming. To ease this overwhelming process, we put together a few basic tips that will not only help you increase your website traffic, but will also help you build a strong foundation for the future of your website.

Ensure your website is easy to navigate and aligns with what your ideal customer expects from you

Starting with your ideal customer, you need to fully understand who they are and what they perceive you, your brand, and your experience as. Knowing their expectations allows you to create a website that is fluent with what they want and will allow them to navigate it as easily and efficiently as possible. 

Optimize your website for people, not search engines

The term “search engine optimization” confusingly enough sounds like you must optimize your website for the search engine itself. Although, you must first optimize your website for the “searcher” that is using the search engine, not vice versa. When you optimize your website to be found and used seamlessly by the searcher, then the optimization process will soon follow for your search engine. 

Create content using your keywords

For those searchers to even find you, you must have keywords that connect those searchers, or potential customers, to your website. Most importantly, you must have the right keywords. The only way you know what keywords those searchers are using is to know exactly who your ideal customer is, and what words they would use to describe your product or service. Once you know what keywords your ideal customer would use you would create content surrounding those keywords to attract those searchers to your website.

Write relevant blog posts

Along with updating your web pages with your keywords, creating consistent blog posts could be one of the most significant ways to increase your website traffic. Using your blog posts to create value, answer frequently asked questions, and educate your ideal customer before they even purchase your product or service is a very effective way to turn that potential customer into a current customer. In addition, adding frequent blog posts tells Google’s web crawling algorithm that you’re regularly updating your website which can give you a higher search ranking.

These are just a few basic tips to not only increase your website traffic but also help optimize your website. Ensuring the foundation of your website is strong and ready to be used by searchers is what will gain you consistent traffic and in turn, drive up sales. If you have any other questions about learning how to increase your website traffic, email us today!