Instagram has become the favorite social network of many, and, as a result of its popularity, it has become a major platform for marketing opportunities. 80% of Instagram users report that they’ve made a purchase on something they discovered while using the platform, and 200 million users visit at least one business profile a day. With these kinds of numbers, how are you supposed to stand out amongst the crowd? Here are a few different ways you can increase your page’s visibility on Instagram.  

Spice up your page

You can use a couple of basic third-party websites to change the text font to something not often found in the Instagram community. Also, Instagram allows you to save stories together in the same space on your profile page as Stories Highlights. You can create different stories albums or categories so people can re-live past events, learn about certain topics, or even shop for products all from your page.  

Engage early and often

Instagram is the perfect platform to try and establish a relationship between consumers and your brand. If you’re engaging with consumers often and are being responsive, it boosts your brand’s reputation in the mind of the consumer. Be sure to reply to comments and post engaging, educational content to drive interactions! 


Don’t just engage with consumers, but also other brands and businesses in your niche or area. You can also choose to get a notification every time a specific user posts a new photo, so you’ll know when the pages you want to engage with are posting.  

Use relevant keywords

Do some research on the relevant keywords in your industry or niche and incorporate them into your profile text and use them as hashtags on your posts. This will increase your reach and expose your content to the people browsing these topics, as well as help your posts to show up on someone’s explore page.  

It’ll take a bit more time than people usually spend on the platform, but you’re sure to see the impact on your page’s reach and engagement. Many of these features can help to enhance your brand’s presence on Instagram and give you more ways to engage with your target audience.