Last week we discussed the importance of having a hashtag strategy and how your business can benefit from implementing one. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you’re probably thinking, “Well this all sounds great, but how do I actually create a hashtag strategy?” 

That’s why we thought it would be beneficial to break this concept into two separate blogs to create the most value for you and your business. From what hashtags you’re actually using within each post, how to find the ones relevant to your business, to how many hashtags to actually use in each post, we’ll discuss it all here!

What hashtags do I use in each post?

Knowing your brand and what is relevant in your industry is the first step. If you’re an e-commerce business selling high-end boutique women’s clothing, you wouldn’t use hashtags like #cheap or #bangforyourbuck because you won’t attract the right type of “searcher.” The second step is to make your hashtags relevant to that specific post. As a high-end women’s boutique, perhaps you are posting about a new sweater release. Therefore, using hashtags like #sweater or #winterfashion are hashtags that are relevant to the post and your particular industry. The third kind of hashtag you should include is location-based hashtags. If you’re located in Chicago you could use hashtags like #chicagoil or #chitown. Using locations specific hashtags allows your followers to know exactly where you are located, while also exposing you to potential tourists that are searching for a unique place to shop while they are there. The last aspect that I would consider during your hashtag search is to ensure you are using a combination of highly populated and not populated hashtags. This allows your post to potentially gain millions of eyes within a very popular hashtag, while also gaining more traction within less used hashtags. 

How do I find them? 

We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you, but there is no secret to finding the best hashtags. It comes down to doing your research through searching under “tags” on Instagram. Finding hashtags that are relevant to your posts and creating a list of them so you can use them later is probably the easiest way to organize them. There are multiple free hashtag generators on the internet that some professionals use, but we believe doing it manually is the most effective way to reach your social media goals. 

How many hashtags do I use in each post? 

The consensus seems to be that anywhere from 15-30 hashtags is the “sweet spot.” Instagram only allows you to have 30 hashtags per post. Knowing that, we recommend at least 15 because you can usually get to that number without using any “filler” hashtags. You want to avoid putting random hashtags that are not relevant to your post because you won’t attract the right people that way. If you have 30 relevant hashtags to add to your post, definitely go for it, but try to avoid just adding random hashtags to get to the magic number 30. 

How do I know they’re working? 

More research. More analysis. Instagram has made this part easier on us, as time has gone on, by using the “view insights” button on each post if you have a public page. After clicking on this button you can scroll down to impressions and see how many people viewed your post from the hashtags you used. After analyzing a few posts and if you notice a trend of specific posts doing better with specific hashtags, you’ll want to make sure you include those in your future posts. 

Creating a hashtag strategy is a lot of trial and error, and that ultimately takes time. This is why most businesses on social media don’t make it a priority to use them. Hashtags are such an underrated tool, and as a Content Marketing Specialist, using and implementing unique hashtag strategies to your business is a key aspect of my job. If you don’t have the time to create your own, contact us today and we’ll create the ideal hashtag strategy for you and your business!