In only one year of Facebook’s creation, the site had over 1 million users. With Zuckerberg originally creating it for his fellow Harvard students, it may have not started with businesses in mind. Now, Facebook is an incredible place to connect, interact, and advertise to your prospective and current customers. Here’s how we advise our clients to take full advantage of Facebook for their business. 

Create and optimize your Facebook Business Page.

To begin, you must first sign up and create a business page. This process is very simple. All you do is log on to Facebook, click “Pages” on the left-hand side, and then “Create New Page.” From here, you’re going to want to add all the details about your business. From a profile picture to your business hours to a call to action button, you want to make sure you have all the important information on your page to ensure a seamless experience for any visitor. 

Create a community.

By creating a Facebook page, or even a Facebook group (if that makes sense for your business), you also have an opportunity to create a community. Using your page to inform, while simultaneously starting a conversation is what will bring people together. Giving your audience a place to do this allows you a chance to connect with them, but also a chance for your audience to connect with each other. By offering this safe space, and also being active on your page or group yourself, you’re creating and fostering a community around your brand and products - which is almost invaluable to your business. 

Run Facebook ads.

Even with Apple’s latest advertising updates, Facebook is still one of the best ways to advertise and promote your business. Not only are you able to target your own audience, but also look-alike audiences and other specific demographics and locations, all within your specified budget.

Post valuable content.

Creating and adding valuable content to your Facebook Business page is ultimately what will attract and keep your audience wanting more. Taking full advantage of images, gifs, videos, lives, stories, polls, and of course, text is what will build your online profile and your credibility within your industry. Also, make sure to keep your brand’s personality and tone of voice in mind when you’re creating content. This will ensure your brand identity is as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform to ever exist. With the most users and the widest global reach, the opportunities for your business are endless. Developing both organic and paid social media strategies to promote your business on Facebook is crucial. Don’t wait any longer, start taking full advantage of this tool for your business now!