Many small businesses and practitioners overlook the benefits that a well-planned social media strategy can have towards their success. Social media gives your business a direct line to the people in your community and offers an opportunity to create and nurture relationships. Here are a few things that are essential in building your social media strategy. 

Research your audience

Figure out the demographics of your customer base and create a profile of an “ideal customer” to target your language and content towards. Think about what they value and how your products or services benefit them. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to curate content to fit their needs.  

Create a content calendar

A social media calendar lets you plan the type of content you want to post, and when you want it to go out well in advance. That way, you’re not scrambling to come up with content on the fly and you can curate it according to your business goals. Try to post more engaging and educational content, rather than product or sales posts, that way you can create the relationships with consumers or patients that will lead to conversions. 

Pro Tip

Use a social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance. This allows you to schedule your entire content calendar on multiple social platforms ahead of time. Many platforms even offer entry-level packages or free versions so you can easily get started. 

Focus on quality, not quantity

Nobody likes to scroll through their social feed and see it bombarded by brands and businesses posting nothing of value to them. If all you do is pitch and sell, there’s very little motivation for people to follow you. Focus on adding value to your customer or patient’s feed and use your posts to engage and connect with them.  

Monitor engagement and respond to all social media conversations

When someone interacts with your page or post, be sure to respond every time. People love it when a brand or business they like interacts with them and you can only strengthen your relationship when you respond to them.  

With the platforms and resources available, getting your business going on social media is easier than ever. Don’t dive in headfirst though. Make sure there is strategy behind your posts and you’re showing the right content, to the right people, at the right time.