October was a roller coaster of a month for Instagram. From the unusual outages at the beginning of the month to new features rolling out what seemed like every day, it was almost impossible to keep up. Therefore, here are some of the new updates, changes we’ve been waiting years for, and some things you may have missed on Instagram last month.

Everyone can add links to their Instagram story (regardless of follower count!).

The wait is finally over! Every social media manager, content creator, and business owner with less than 10K followers is (or should be) jumping for joy after this announcement. This new feature allows you to skip the “link in bio” talk in your stories and drop the sticker for a quick and easy call to action for your followers. Unfortunately, not all accounts have access to this feature yet, but Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said it’s on its way!

New metrics added to Instagram Insights + a revamp of the Insights page.

Instagram’s Insights page got a remodel to help creators and business account users to get an even better understanding of their content’s performance. With this, they also included three new metrics that track people who engage with your content that aren’t following you. These new metrics available in Instagram Insights are: engaged audience, reached audience, and accounts engaged.

Desktop publishing is officially live.

On October 21st, Instagram rolled out desktop publishing globally. This is another feature that users have been asking for for years. The desktop publishing works similarly to the 7-step mobile publishing flow and will likely be a great tool for social media managers, content creators, and business owner accounts alike. 

New posts and Reels Collab feature.

This creative feature allows creators to co-author posts and Reels. Therefore, two usernames will show up in a post’s or Reel’s header, as well as be added to both authors’ grids. This new feature is not rolled out globally yet and is only available for select users. 

IGTV and story link swipe-ups disappear for good.

Say goodbye to IGTV and hello to Instagram Video. Instagram explained that this switch would allow users to browse all of an account’s video content in one place. Story link swipe-ups also bid their farewell when Instagram link stickers were rolled out globally!

Social media is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the new updates, disappearances of older features, and upcoming trends can be a full-time job. Let your focus remain on your core competencies and let expert social media managers handle your accounts and all the ups and downs that come with them. Click here to chat with us now!