You see them everyday at the top of your Instagram timeline and you can’t escape them – so why not take advantage of them? Insta-stories are something that should not be avoided, especially as a business profile, as they allow you to stay seen at all times on your followers’ feeds. Here are some tips to maximize your business’s insta-stories to their fullest potential:

1. Try and share something to your stories at least once a day

Continually adding to your stories will allow your profile to remain at the top of your followers feed. This allows for more visibility and can help remind followers to visit your Instagram feed and engage with your actual posts.

Pro Tip: You can add a popular hashtag to your stories to facilitate even more traffic to your stories, and in turn, your profile. You can also tag your location, allowing those near you to view your story.

2. Take advantage of User Generated Content

Sharing UGC in your stories can show your followers that you are listening to them. It also shows that you are engaged with your customers. People like to hear and see what real people are saying about your business, so taking advantage of UGC is a great way to spread the word about your business. Just make sure you give proper credit where credit is due.

3.  Save your best insta-stories content to story highlights

This newer feature allows you to highlight your best insta-stories and keep them at the top of your Instagram profile. Some content ideas to save to your insta-story highlights are F.A.Q., UGC, fun facts, behind the scenes and more. You should also be sure to create cover photos for each highlight, in keeping with your brand. So if you haven’t started taking advantage of your insta-stories yet, get started and see the potential growth that can take place on your Instagram.