Nothing humanizes a business more than acknowledging and celebrating holidays with your clients and followers. Who doesn’t love getting into the holiday spirit? So why not take advantage of the holidays and incorporate them into your marketing strategy? Here are a few fun and easy ideas of how to bring the holiday spirit into your content.

1. Employee costume contest

This combines the best of both worlds: the holidays and employee engagement. Stats show that followers love to see more of the people behind-the-scenes, and getting employees involved in a holiday costume contest is the perfect way to showcase them in a fun way. The best way to get both employees and followers involved is to have your followers vote on the best employee costume. People love giving their opinion, so give them a fun reason to get involved around the holidays!

Pro Tip: You can always turn the tables and have your followers send in their holiday photos for a contest, where the most popular photo wins your giveaway.

2. Decorate your office

Get into the holiday spirit by decorating your office for each holiday and be sure to share a photo of the decor on all social media outlets. Not only does this make for more fun behind-the-scenes content, it also makes your office more cozy and personable to your clients. 

3. Bake for the holidays

If you’re open around the holidays, surprise your clients with some holiday-themed treats. It’s the perfect way to say “thank you” to your customers for their loyalty, and to show your holiday spirit. Post about your festive holiday treats too, to show-off all of the cute goodies for your customers.

Pro Tip: For optimal customer engagement, have your customers share their favorite holiday recipes, whether it be on social media or in person!

4. Create some holiday-themed memes

Memes are a great way to show your followers your fun side. Bonus: memes always have a great chance of getting shared, especially the great ones. So why not use memes and the holidays to your advantage and come up with something great and engaging?

5. Give your social media the holiday feel

For a more subtle way to include the holidays into your social media content, opt for the holiday “theme”. Use more holiday colors in your graphics, change your logo profile picture to be holiday-themed or incorporate facts about the holiday into your content for the month.

The holidays are the perfect time to bulk up your content and engage with your followers, so don’t miss out on using it to your advantage!