It’s a new year – a time for resolutions, change and a fresh start. As a business owner, you might be itching for change, big or small, whether it be new marketing tactics or a whole new look. Here are a few important tips to remember when you’re considering rebranding your company.

1. Rebrand for the right reasons

Rebranding is a complicated process that is not always executed correctly. If you’re wanting to rebrand your company simply because you don’t feel you’ve had enough sales or attention, then rebranding is probably not the right move for you. Rather, your company would more likely benefit from a fresh and different marketing strategy. Along the same vein, if you’re looking at rebranding as a way to cover up any recent bad press, that would be a mistake that people would see right through. Conversely, the best reasons for rebranding your company could be you’ve moved to a new location, your company has a new vision and philosophy or you have a new customer profile.

2. Reevaluate your company vision

If you’re rebranding your company because you’ve found that your vision, goals and overall philosophy has changed, then you need to have a concrete vision in place before you proceed. Your vision needs to be something that is known company-wide and can easily be seen in your rebranding. This can sometimes mean revising or completely changing your company’s slogan.

3. Redefine your buyer persona

Your buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. It’s who your company markets to and is someone you want coming through your door. You need to make sure to nail down exactly who your buyer persona is, ensuring that your rebrand appeals to the right audience, otherwise you’ve rebranded in vain. This could mean anything from reevaluating your color palette and fonts to updating your services and products.

4. Combine the old with the new

While you want a rebrand to give your company a fresh look, you don’t want it to make your company completely unrecognizable from the old you. You want to make sure that your current client-base can still recognize who you are, even after the changes you’ve made. Elements from your old logo should carry through to your new logo. A few ways to carry the old into the new could be to use similar font families, colors and shapes.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid completely renaming your company. You don’t want your company to completely change and lose or confuse the customers you already have.

When done correctly, rebranding your company can be both successful and beneficial to your company. But before you take the plunge, just make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons and set yourself up for success.