This year, consumers and brands faced a global pandemic, uncertain financial times, and a number of major events that caused people to stop in their tracks at the news. As we move forward and push for a return to the normalcies of everyday life, brands will have to adjust their social media strategies to appeal to an audience changed by this year’s events.  

Video continues to be a focus for marketers

We’ve already covered why video content reigns supreme on social media and why it is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy. As major platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to bolster their video capabilities, marketers can expect high video consumption to continue and grow in the coming years. 

Brands continue to embrace simplicity

With the turbulence that 2020 brought, many brands spent less time churning out social media posts and more time producing content that was more thoughtful, connecting, and engaging. In 2021 we’ll likely see brands continue being thoughtful about whether their audience wants to see what they post and this could even lead to brands posting even less.  

Consumers will want brands to be authentic

In 2021, expect authenticity to steal the spotlight on social media as brands continue to build trust from their audiences. After the difficulties of 2020, consumers need more than just great deals. They’ll expect more transparency from brands before they decide to trust and invest in a brand. 

More purchases will be made through social media

2020 forced many businesses to focus on a more online-oriented business model. In the past, much of social media marketing was focused on getting consumers to discover a product, but with Facebook Shops and Instagram Shoppable posts, consumers can buy a product seen in a post without even leaving the app they’re on. For consumers, this adds convenience. For brands that couldn’t build their own eCommerce store, this provides them with new opportunities to sell products online.  

2021 is going to be about listening to consumers and focusing on posting content that useful to them. Likely, the trends we’ll see won’t exclusive to this list, and that’s the nature of social media. Moving forward, the best thing you can do as a brand is to research trends, online consumer behaviors, your social media data, and most importantly, your audience’s voice to determine which trends or strategies to lean into.