There’s no secret strategy to achieving the ultimate success with your social media accounts. There are too many factors that go into running your business’s social media, like post timing, content and customer engagement. The key to success for each business is different.

1. Post timing

It is an easy way to start assessing when your followers most interact with your posts. Believe it or not, there are times of the day when people are not on social media as much – like during work hours, in the middle of the night or super early in the morning. So it’s best to feel out when engagement is highest on your accounts, and stick to those post times. Start by scheduling posts for several different times that you think could be successful. For instance, 8 AM before the workday starts, 12PM during lunch breaks or 7 PM, when people are off of work and settling in for the evening. This evaluation of what times during the day are best for optimum post engagement could take a couple weeks, as some days might be different than others. But once you figure out when your followers are most active, you can get a regular posting schedule down.

Pro Tip: Statistically, posting on Monday-Thursday from 3-4PM, should be avoided.

2. Generating different content

It is another way to look at and test how your followers interact with you. Not every post is going to be successful on social media, but you won’t know unless you try. Continually generating new and different content, will allow you to see what your followers gravitate to the most. From there, you can start creating similar content to what you find is most popular. Keep in mind that what is popular on one platform may not be on another. Some content ideas could be joining in on hashtag trends, like #TipTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday, behind the scenes pictures and informational graphics.

Pro Tip: Facebook posts without images are not as successful as content that includes an image. People would rather see an image or watch a video than read.

3. Measuring customer engagement

It is the least fun but the most vital to your social media strategy. On a monthly basis, you should be sitting down and recording your social media platform statistics. For instance, number of likes or follows, the posts with the highest engagement, emails with the most opens or even posts with the least likes. It may be a tedious task, but overtime, it is the most important to keeping track of the overall success of your social media accounts.

Testing, measuring and keeping track of your social media successes or failures can sometimes be overwhelming, and at times frustrating, but in the end, it is a tool that will help you understand and grow your accounts better.