In my time working at a business coaching firm I noticed one overarching theme: small business owners are extremely busy. In addition to being the leader, they often wear many other hats – the marketing hat, the sales hat, the accounting hat, etc. While this may be necessary as business owners are starting out, at some point they need to relinquish control of all these different areas and focus solely on wearing the owner hat. For the small business owner who’s contemplating whether or not they can afford to invest in outsourcing their marketing, we’ve compiled this short list to help you out.

1. Marketing Is Rapidly Evolving

What worked five years ago probably won’t work today. And what worked six months ago may not work today either. Digital marketing is constantly changing with new trends and technology. Experts understand marketing automation, hashtags, SEO, blogging, infographics, and more.As a time-strapped business owner, you shouldn’t have to try and keep up with the latest and greatest marketing strategies. By outsourcing your marketing to a trusted company or individual, you can focus on strategic planning, growing your team, and building the business, while the experts handle your marketing activities.

2. It Takes A Lot Of Time

Keeping your social media feeds active takes a lot of time and planning. Aligning your social media strategy into your email marketing, paid search advertising, and blogging takes even more time. In addition, building the audiences for these different channels takes time and patience. Expert marketers possess the technology and experience to have your content planned out weeks or months in advance and can actively monitor your digital analytics. Outsourcing your marketing will free up your time and allow you to get back to running your business.

3. You’ll Stand Out From The Competition

If you’re a small business, it’s likely that a lot of your competitors are either doing their marketing in-house (often by someone not familiar with marketing best practices) or they’re not doing any marketing at all. By outsourcing your marketing to an expert, you’ll begin to stand out with a professional, recognizable brand, and your prospects and customers will take notice. An expert will make sure your brand is consistent and your content is top-notch – giving you a real advantage over the competition.

While there are certainly a number of other reasons to outsource your marketing, these are the top three we came up with. What are some others you can think of?