With new platforms surfacing regularly and long-form text seeming like an outdated way to get information, is blogging even relevant anymore?

If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself as you try to determine if you should be blogging for your business, the short answer is, yes, blogging is still relevant and it is beneficial for your business. Here’s why you should be doing it and all of the different benefits that come when you blog for your business. 

Blogs create content for your other marketing channels. Blogs are typically anywhere from 400-2000 words. With this much information created at once, you can also repurpose it and use it as social media content. There is often loads of valuable information, tips, and tricks within a blog, so try breaking that information into bite-sized pieces to make even more content for your social media channels. By repurposing perfectly good blog content you can make your followers circle people back to your original blog post, as well as, lead people to your website!

Blogs increase your credibility and authority in your niche. If you’re publishing regular posts on your website about your product, the problem it solves, and educating your ideal customer on it, you are providing value before anyone even gives you a dime. By creating value-filled content for a confused prospect or customer, you are also creating a new level of trust with them. When your prospects have seen your authority and have a certain level of trust formed already, it makes for a far more productive sales conversation. 

Blogs help your website’s SEO. Creating consistent content for your blog is also a sure way to increase your website’s search engine optimization and allows your website to rank higher in the search ranking. Google is constantly scanning your site to find new information, so it can rank your site to benefit its searchers. Therefore, having new content posted weekly or even daily allows your website a better chance at a good ranking. By creating value, answering frequently asked questions, and educating your ideal customers on what your product or service has to offer is an effective way to turn them into paying customers, while also increasing your site’s SEO.

Blogs can connect your community. As mentioned earlier, blogs are a type of long-form content. Especially with nearly all of the social media platforms being channels to promote snack-sized content, using your blog to communicate with your community in a different way can be a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re blogging about new information in your industry, providing tips for your ideal customer, or perhaps discussing an upcoming event, you can use your blog to generate real conversations and connections within your community. These discussions could be formed from the blog itself or shared social media posts, but either way, they’re engagements that you’re getting by doing something that’s already beneficial to your business.  

In short, blogging for your business is a low-cost and effective way to create opportunities to get your website found by the people that you want to find it. Do your business a favor and start blogging now, so you can generate new leads and gain customers for your business.