As we continue into the new year, Instagram’s last few updates of 2020 posed some interesting opportunities for small businesses. 

Being able to implement any of the various social media updates into your social media strategy is key when it comes to keeping your strategy fresh and as up to date with the algorithm as possible. 

The Reels and Shop tabs replace the camera and activity on the home screen

In November of 2020 Instagram’s home screen got a new look and pushed users to use their new features. After TikTok’s boom during the massive shutdowns across the globe, Instagram took the hint of bringing consumers more of this snackable content. This transition brings a newfound opportunity for businesses and creators, as Instagram is urging all users to view these new tabs. You can use this to your business’s advantage by creating content for these new features to gain better reach and potentially new customers. 

Instagram expands the Guides feature to even more users

Instagram created Guides for the health and wellness community in efforts to help people struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the feature gained popularity in that community, Instagram decided to roll it out to even more users back in November. This gives your business a new opportunity to create content in the format of step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations- a whole new way of curating content for your business on Instagram. 

A new app was released for businesses on Instagram and Facebook

Instead of what we knew as the Pages Manager App, the app was rebranded as the Facebook Business Suite. This app was built to help small businesses manage their accounts across Facebook and Instagram, allowing easier management of both networks, messages, notifications, and all analytics. Having all of these important aspects in one place encourages you to stay on these platforms, but also allows you, even more, time and flexibility to give back to your business. 

Keeping up with the algorithm updates on different platforms is hard work, but your business will thank you when you’re working with the algorithm instead of against it. As Instagram and Facebook continue to adapt to their consumers’ needs this year, check back here and we’ll ensure to give you the inside scoop to keep you up to date!