We are well into 2021 and Instagram’s updates and features are changing faster than ever before. With new competition entering the market and users dialing into what’s trending, Instagram is making quick pivots to keep up. 

This can be fun and exciting for the average user, but as a business owner, it may seem more stressful and overwhelming. Here’s what we know about what Instagram has brought to the table so far this year, and a few projects that have been rumored to be in the works, so you can keep on top of the trends.

Instagram includes Professional Dashboard for Business and Creator Accounts

At the start of February, this new feature came to life. The dashboard acts as a central hub for business owners and creators alike, making knowing the analytics behind your posts more centralized and easy to track. So far, this seems like a generally liked new feature that allows professionals to work smarter and not harder on Instagram.

Instagram ‘Rooms’ Debut

In March, the media giant followed in many other of their counterparts’ footsteps to increase the number of people able to go live from two to four. The combination of the new Clubhouse app and the pandemic (forcing people to limit their interaction with others), made this feature the #1 request in 2020. Across the board, users are loving this new update and we will likely see it continue to grow as time passes.

Instagram introduces ‘Remix Reels’

In the latter part of 2020, Instagram introduced Reels to combat their new competitor, TikTok. This has kept users entertained and on the platform, thus far, but when TikTok came out with the TikTok Duets, Instagram reacted with their own version. Remix Reels launched in early April, which allows a user to react to an existing public reel. Creators will be notified when someone remixes their reel, and you also have an option to disable this feature entirely, as well. 

Instagram is currently still testing things like story drafts, affiliate features, “hiding” like counts, and removing the option to share posts to your story. Instagram is constantly trying to stay up to date with the trends, and trying to make the platform even easier to monetize for creators and business owners. Therefore the constant changes may seem stressful at first, but adjusting your social media strategy accordingly will only help your business in the long run!