Many small businesses overlook email marketing because they don’t want to seem annoying or intrusive, but the reality is if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, you’re doing a business a disservice. Here’s why:

1. Over half of the internet’s users check their email before doing anything else online

If you want to get someone’s attention, email is one of the best ways to do it. We use email for everything; work, bills, and even retail. Everyone has an email address; the only challenge is making the people want to receive emails from you.

2. It’s more cost-effective than other marketing channels

Based on the size of your audience, you may be able to use some email marketing platforms for free. Also, most platforms have monthly memberships, meaning that you’re not paying per email you send. This means that you can be more strategic and flexible with how many campaigns you send without worrying about changing your budget.

Pro Tip: Be sure to track how well your campaigns perform and use that to make adjustments and more informed decisions. Maybe you’ll come to learn that different link destinations tend to convert better, or that people are more receptive to informational newsletters than promotions. Take that kind of information and use it to make your campaigns stronger.

3. You can be strategic and deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time

Many platforms offer different options in terms of targeting your audience. You can easily target contacts you got from a specific event, certain timeframe, or however else you could want to classify them, along with customizing your emails with their individual information. Then, once you have your contacts.

organized, you can strategically deliver campaigns based on your goals.

4. It’s an effective way to gather feedback

Whether you want Google reviews, ideas for a new product, or any other kind of feedback, you can easily gather that data through email. It’s easy to link your emails to surveys, review sites, or landing pages to send your audience right where they need to be to provide you with the information you want.

With the flexibility offered by email marketing and depending on your business goals, you can end up using email campaigns for a variety of purposes. It’s easy to get started, so take the time to figure out how you can use email to improve your business.