Technology and social media is constantly changing and growing because people are constantly changing and growing. In turn, your marketing strategy should never stay static, but should always be changing with the times. Here are a few reasons why recording and analyzing your statistics are important.

1. Gives a thorough overview of each month

For each of your social media outlets, you should be recording your statistics every month. Make sure to record things like total followers each month, reach, engagement and most popular posts. All of these stats can help show you what’s been working in your favor as well as potential problem areas.

2. Shows potential ROI

When you put money behind ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., you can see the overall results of those who have clicked-through and shown interest for each ad. Every show of interest, new follower or subscriber and share is a return on investment. Recording your stats for each ad allows your clients to see the ROI and the value of putting money behind social media ads.

3. Helps you to know your audience

Your social media statistics will show you exactly what your followers like and don’t like. By keeping a record of your total followers month-to-month, you can see what content has worked for you that month and what hasn’t. By also recording your top posts, you know what’s most popular among your audience.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that with different social media outlets, you may find that what’s popular on one is not always the same across the board. It’s ok and even encouraged to post different content to different outlets – it keeps your social media content dynamic and fresh.

The world has become technology-based and your marketing should reflect that. If you were thorough enough to have recorded detailed statistics throughout the year, you will have a great foundation for your 2020 marketing plan.