When it comes to content, video is king. Engaging and easily digestible, it’s not hard to see why video is so popular these days. And when thinking of the power of video as a marketing tool, video is unmatched and is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Video is versatile

There are plenty of types of video out there as well and having an understanding of what purpose your video content serves is part of creating an effective video strategy. Your videos could be used to interview influencers or special guests, livestream or recap an event, or educate people about a cause or product. When thinking about what kind of video you want to create, and what purpose it’ll serve, you’ll also have to consider which platforms you’ll be posting on.

Video platforms are plentiful

Video content gets the most engagements on most social platforms and with the world watching over 1 billion hours of YouTube per day, there’s no shortage of potential audiences to reach on a variety of platforms. Other than using YouTube and other social platforms to post video content, your footage can also be repurposed and put to use in paid display or social campaigns to directly target consumers.

The numbers don’t lie

From a statistical perspective, video content still reigns supreme. Hubspot reports that 88% of video marketers got a positive ROI, an all-time high and 5% increase from 2019. In addition, 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. These two factors combined offer an amazing opportunity to use video to educate customers or patients about your products and services while still maintaining a positive ROI

Video is easily accessible to both watch and produce

While there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level, anyone can use an up-to-date phone to shoot high-quality video. That paired with a variety of easy to access and use video editing software presents the opportunity to create engaging content to use on a multitude of platforms.

It’s easy to see why video is so popular among marketers and content creators alike, and with the tools available it’s easier than ever to get started with a strong video campaign. Just be sure to have purpose and quality behind your video strategy to ensure you get the most out of your footage.