Brand Strategy

A good brand strategy is the common denominator of any successful marketing campaign. At TEN31 Marketing, we’re brand strategists first and foremost. Before we recommend or implement anything for you, we’ll do a deep dive into the business itself and fully understand what’s needed to take it to the next level.
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The Essence Of Strategy Is Choosing What Not To Do

Most businesses fail at marketing because they’re doing things they shouldn’t be doing. It’s all too common for a business to approach us and assume that they just need “social media help” or something vague like that. By starting in the realm of brand strategy, we’re able to identify what the business really needs to get where it wants, and therefore implement the best ongoing marketing campaigns that will actually work.

1. Brand Foundation

What do employees and customers think of your business? How’s your culture? What’s your brand stand for? All of these things don’t just factor into your marketing, they are marketing. We’re not only here to help run marketing campaigns, but to build a better company.

2. Brand Personality

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what exactly your top competitors are doing? Or maybe what the company you aspire to be like is doing? We can find out. Our competitive audits will give you all the details on what marketing strategies they’re employing and what that means for you.

3. Market Research

Can everyone in your company describe exactly who your ideal customer is? A persona is a personal embodiment of the most ideal customer you’re trying to reach. By having a clear persona, we’ll know who to target, where to find them, and how to speak to them.

4. Gap Analysis

How does the current market impact trends for your business? How does it impact the behavior of your customers? What do your current customers think of you? Why do some customers choose not to work with you? We’ll find out, and then develop a plan based on our findings.

5. Brand Roadmap

Many of our clients already have a full marketing team in place, but they need an expert consultant to help guide them. In this role, we can provide all the education, training, and guidance necessary to get your team executing at the most optimal levels possible.

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Success Is 20% Skills And 80% Strategy

This quote from Jim Rohn, one of the world’s foremost experts on business strategy, has been proven in our business time and time again. It’s really what sets us apart from other agencies. Many businesses, or agencies for that matter, emphatically dive straight into the creative realm or execution realm, without having completed the sometimes boring work of strategy. At TEN31 Marketing, strategy is our bread and butter. We put our best efforts into the strategy realm, because we know that if that’s done well then the rest will take care of itself.
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It’s Time You Had A Brand Strategy That Actually Works

Aren’t you tired of the seamlessly endless hamster wheel of wasted marketing dollars? Fed up with trying one thing after another, but with minimal results? Let’s end that once and for all. Our business and marketing strategy services will allow you to:
Better understand what it is your business actually needs to grow
Have a crystal clear picture of who your ideal customer is and how to reach them
Know what marketing strategies you need to invest in and why
Finally see the results you’ve been hoping for in your marketing
Become the industry leader that your competition envies
Understand what your marketing agency is doing and why